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Emma’s Pump Problem Solved


Emma recently came in to our shop with a problem. Her tank pump wasn’t working and she wasn ‘t sure why. She had seen all the five star reviews on Google so thought she would try us out. Steve, one of the technical specialists in store was happy to help… Read more

We’ve got the power


Read more

A frog in the throat?


Collette turned up at DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre one morning last week. In her hands was a Grundfos pump used for pumping from the household tank to the toilets and laundry. It was a multistage pump, which meant it provided really good pressure for the house, and being… Read more

Solar Pump Project


When Justin needed help with his irrigation project, he knew that DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre would be able to help – DJ’s had provided great service on previous jobs.   The problem was to pump from a dam with a pipe run of almost a kilometer and 130… Read more

Ipswich City Council Buys Rapid Spray Equipment


When Ipswich City Council needed to improve their range of Spray Equipment for their many beautiful Parks and Gardens, DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre was able to supply a range of Rapid Spray Australia units that met their requirement exactly. This shows the Rapid Spray Marshall Plus Sprayer unit… Read more

Be Fire Prepared


You’ve seen the fires. Are you prepared? Get all you need- a connection to a mobile tank – a suction hose from your pool or dam – a delivery hose and nozzle. We have it all. Call now on 07 3282 4599 or visit us in our store. Or Send… Read more

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