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Tank Pumps

Tank pumps are the most common form of household pump and are available in a range of styles – from simple pumps with pressure switches to full variable speed control pumps that provide great running cost saving. Watch the video of Davey Pressure Systems.

The new green development in pumping is to use Electronic Controls to save electricity and provide pressure and flow management, thus saving you many dollars throughout the year.

The DAB E.SYBOX is an example for household water supply. Read more about E.SYBOX (pronounced easy box) and watch the video.

Pool and Spa Pumps

All the equipment you need for your pool or spa

  • Pool Pumps & Salt Water Chlorinators
  • Media & Cartridge Filters
  • Pool Cleaners
  • Pool Heating
  • Gas and Electric Heat Pumps
  • Pool & Spa Lighting & Water Falls
  • Spa Pool Pumps, Controllers, Blowers
  • Pool & Spa accessories

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Sump and Sewer Pumps

Sump and Sewer Pumps come in a range of styles.

The most common around the home is a Sump Pump with semi-vortex open impeller which means it can pump small soft solids whilst draining your sump.

For draining clear water, a standard drainage pump will do the job.

If you need to pump raw sewage, then you will need a Cutter or Grinder Pump which macerates the solid so they can be pumped with the liquids.

Submersible Borehole Pumps for Home

Household pumps for boreholes. There are many options available.The picture shows a Grundfos SQN pump being installed. These are light weight for ease of installation and have built in run dry protection. You can also add a constant pressure option.

Drainage Pumps

Household drainage pumps are specially designed for lifting water, including water containing solid matter. If you have a drainage problem or need to move  large volumes of water quickly, these may be the way to go.

The picture shows a Grunfos AP series of stainless steel pump. The single phase models are supplied with a float switch and standard electric plug.

Circulation Pumps for Hot Water

Household circulator pumps are used in household hot water systems and in solar systems.

All parts in contact with the water are stainless steel or bronze.

The picture shows the installation of a Grunfos UPN all stainless pump.