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All You Need For Your Home Irrigation Project!

Watering the garden can be very relaxing albeit time consuming. So a garden irrigation system can save time, and make sure that valuable plants and lawn are regularly watered, even when you are not home

Garden Irrigation is a Specialty of DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre.

Automating your watering is an ideal way to ensure your garden gets the amount of water it needs and avoid over watering. In many regions automating your garden watering can assist you in complying with water restrictions. You can automate your garden watering using manual tap timers, automatic tap timers or with a fully automated watering system.

And then deciding which pipes and sprinklers are needed can be confusing. We can take the guess work out of the problem and provide you with down to earth advice on your home irrigation project.

Read this article from Gardening Australia on setting up a garden irrigation system.

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Impulse Sprinklers

plastic impulse sprinkler for home irrigation garden irrigation

Impulse Sprinklers are very versatile sprinklers that can cover large areas of garden or lawn.


They can be adjusted to do full-circle or part circle. A wide range of nozzles with different flow and coverage characteristics are available

Impact Sprinkler Brochure 

Pop-Up Sprinklers

Pop Up Sprinklers are he ideal sprinkler for use in lawns. 

They retract when not in use and rise when needed. They are available;able with a wide range of nozzle and sprinkler head styles.

HunterPop-Up Sprinkler Brochure

pop up sprinklers for home irrigation garden irrigation

Microjet Sprinklers ad Drippers

microjet sprinklers for home irrigation garden irrigation

Micro Jet and Dripper Sprinklers are a great way to water individual trees or small garden areas. They are very economical with water and are easy to install.

Micro Jet Sprinklers Brochure

Hunter Dripper Brochure

Irrigation Timers

A wide range of irrigation timers are available from simple tap timers to multi segment timers which turn on solenoid valves in different parts of the garden to fully automate your irrigation. Remote control times are available to control from your device.

Irrigation Timer for home irrigation garden irrigation

Pipes and Fittings

Poly Pipe for home irrigation garden irrigation

Garden Irrigation Pipes and Fittings

DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre carry inexpensive range of pipe and fittings for your home irrigation project.

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