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Making a splash at Ipswich Grammar School

Ipswich Grammar School had a problem. The waterfall which graces their entrance was not working and it was needed as a backdrop for the School Formal photos.

The solution was to call DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre. Dan, our Service Manager and Steve, our resident pump expert both “jumped in” to solve the problem in double quick time. The problem turned out to be a faulty foot valve. This was ordered and replaced and the waterfall was ready for the formal photos.




If you have a pumping problem, like Ipswich Grammar School, just call DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre for expert assistance. We can help with any pumping problem.

Learn about poly fittings

Did you know DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre is a specialist supplier of all types of poly fittings for use in home, farm or industry.

Go to our web page Pipes and Fittings to discover a lot of information about products available along with lots of information.Phil Rural

Not only do we have the stock but we can advise you on how to use them. And, we are agents for Philmac, Australias’ leading manufacturer and supplier quality fittings for water etc.

We also supply poly pipe, valves and couplings, and irrigation to suit your needs.


For more information to suit your specific needs call us now on 07 3282 4599