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Single Phase Electric Motors

Single Phase Electric Motors are used in a wide variety of application: but whatever the application, DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre have the skill to help you.

  • Cement Mixer Motors
  • Compressor Motors
  • Dog Walker Motors
  • Pump Motors
  • Saw Bench Motors
  • Whatever else you need a single phase motor for

We stock quality brands like CMG, Teco, Techtop and others.

DJ’s Repairs and Services Single Phase Motors or supplies New Motors if more economical.

Single Phase Electric Motors GP

CMG Metric Frame Single Phase Electric Motor
CMG Single Phase Motor

Single Phase Electric Motors

Single Phase Electric Motors appear everywhere.

Most Modern General Purpose motors are Metric Framed. This means they have a standard configuration across all brands of the same size motor.

Some Imperial Frame Motors are still available

TECO Single Phase Motor Catalogue

Techtop Motor Catalogue

CMG Single Phase Motor Catalogue Metric

Single Phase Electric Motors – Compressors

Single Phase Compressor Motors

Most Single Phase Compressor Motors are Imperial Frame (B56) and have a 19mm shaft.

They are available in 1.65 kW and 2.2kW sizes and are capacitor start and capacitor run.

Brands available: WEG, TECO, Techtop, CMG

 Techtop Motor Catalogue

Teco Compressor Motor Catalogue

TAC Compressor Motor Single Phase
Teco Compressor Motor

Single Phase Cement Mixer Motors

Cement Mixer Motor
Cement Mixer

Cement Mixer Motors

Single Phase Cement Mixer Motors are designed for continuous running in tough situations

Cement Mixer Motors may come with a lead or with a lead and double pole switch.

Brands Available: CMG , Fasco

Single Phase Electric Motors BBQ

BBQ Spit Motors

BBQ Spit Motors are a single phase gear-motor that is specially designed for the job. 

They are able to operate for long periods with a heavy load. 

Call us on 07 3282 4599 to find out about these gear motors

BBQ Motor 30kg Specification

Single Phase BBQ Motor
BBQ Motor

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