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Water Harvesting Systems

Rain to mains or water harvesting are some of the names for integrating tank water supply and the mains supply system with a view to saving on water.

Typically these systems are used for laundries and toilets, reserving the mains for drinking and showering. 

There are a range of systems including Waterpro Rains to Mains Controller, Davey Rainbank, Onga Waterswitch, Grundfos Aquasaver, and others.

The Waterpro® RM4058 system is designed for speed of installation – no cables, no float, no solenoid, no electronic controls. The simplicity of this system has the added benefit of making it very affordable. The RM4058 system stops flow of mains supply while rain water is being pumped to help conserve our precious resource. This system is suited for applications supplying laundry and toilets, and is also suitable for cabins or small houses with one bathroom. This system is not suitable for suction lift, use the RM5000-2 submersible version for underground tanks.

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