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Pumps for Home, Farm and Industry


DJ’s know pumps inside out. With all the good brands, with all the know how, and with great pricing, you can be sure of having your pumping needs met at DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre.

Household pumps: for tanks, mains/tank combinations, pressure boosting, home irrigation, sullage, bores, water features, wet area drainage, hot water or solar circulators, engine driven pumps.

Swimming pool and spa pumps: pool filtration, solar, filtration, automatic cleaners, chlorinators.

Agricultural farm pumps: wash down, irrigation, tank, borehole, irrigation, river and dam pumps, firefighters, engine drive pumps, solar pumping, remote controls, dirty water.

Industrial and utilities pumps: wash down, sewerage, dirty water, water transfer, pressure boosting.

Filtration systemshousehold, commercial, replacement cartridges, whole of house systems, under sink systems.

With dozens of pumps in store and a wide supplier network we can meet your needs in pumping. If it’s new or replacement pumps, or if you need repairs or fittings to make your pump system work optimally, you know that you can get very, very helpful assistance at DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre