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Electric Motors, Fans & Controls

Electric Motors are the lifeblood of so much of what we do. DJ’s has the experience to help you with your needs. We know motors inside out. We are the only stockists in Ipswich that know the ins and outs of motors.

Single Phase Motors for home or business use. Compressors, cement mixers, brick and wood saws, augers, horse and dog walkers, pumps: these are just some of the applications we can help you with.

Three Phase Motors range from fractional horsepower to very large motors. Pumps, crushers, conveyors are just a few of the applications for three phase motors.

Low Voltage Industrial Motors (12volt, 24volt etc.) and motor gearbox combinations

Gearboxes and Transmission Equipment such as pulleys and belts and couplings take the power to your application at the speed and power you need. DJ’s can help you with your needs

HVAC Fan and air conditioning; there are an incredible number of differing fans and blowers available and DJ’s can help you with your needs.

Electric Motor Controls, whether it be a simple switch, DOL or Star Delta starters or Electronic controls such as soft starters and Variable Frequency Drives are stocked and supplied by DJ’s. Replacement contactors and switchgear are stocked.

Single Phase Motors

Need a replacement motor and a new motor for a project, you can get expert advice and quality motors from DJ’s.

Motors are available as imperial frame or metric frame. Metric frame motors are the more common now but a lot of older equipment used imperial frame.

We sell many quality brands of single phase motors including CMG, Teco, Monarch, Techtop, CEG.

Three Phase Motors

Three phase motors from .18kw up to very large 415v motors are available for a range of applications.

They are available with various mounting arrangements, foot mount (B3), flange mount (B5 or others), foot and flange (B35).

Most common speeds are 1440rpm (4pole) and 2800rpm (2pole). They are also available in slower speeds.

We sell the quality brands like CMG, Techtop, Teco, Monarch, CEG and others.


Gear Boxes

Worm drive gearboxes

In line gearboxes

We sell Varvel, CMG and other quality brands


Fans come in a wide variety.

Small sub kilowatt refrigeration fans to large extraction units.

Call DJ’s with your needs.

We sell Ziel, EBM, Fantech and other quality brands


Motor Starters & Controls

DOL (Direct on Line) Starters


Star Delta Starters

Variable Frequency Drives

Soft Starters

From quality manufacturers like Teco, CMG and others


Generators for every application:

  • Standby
  • Camping and Caravanning
  • Worksite
  • Events and Fairs