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Pool Pump Servicing – It Is Time!

Why Servicing Your Pool Pump Is Important.

In order to keep your water fresh, clean and hygienic your most important piece of equipment needs to be fully functioning.  Without your pump the water becomes stagnant and bacteria starts to settle and grow.  Once the pool water is out of balance it can take weeks to clean and return to safe levels of cleanliness ready for swimming.

Parts in the pumps can become worn over time such as the bearings, o-rings, seals and the housing unit.  If these parts are not maintained the pump begins to leak and make excessive noise and can over heat leading to sort circuiting or other problems.

Davey Handover Kit

Things you can do at home.

Regularly cleaning the pump strainer, checking equipment.  While the pump is running take the time to check for leaks and listen for unusual sounds. Keeping the pool free from large debris (such as leaves and sticks) can also help in the longevity of your pump – these items can sometimes get stuck in the impeller causing low effectiveness. Not maintaining your pump can lead to expensive repairs.

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Why Wait?

Summer will be here before you know it.  Now is the best time to have your pool pump serviced and ready in time for summer.  Here at DJ’s we offer expert and economical repairs and servicing.

Be Prepared with Sand filter, Cartridge Filters, Chlorinates and Pumps.

We can come to you or Visit our showroom and workshop with your pump.  Dropping in your pump can save you money.

Call us today 07 3282 4599.

pump servicing

Simplify Pool Chlorination – It’s easy.

What can we do to simplify pool chlorination? Are you still shutting down the pool weekly to clean your cell in acid or cell cleaner? There is a better way. 


What will it do for you?

Easy to use controls.

Easy to clean reverse polarity cell. Each time it comes on it cleans itself. Much less acid washing!

The option of automatic pH control.

And it works with mineral pools as well as salt pools.


Want to talk to us about replacing or upgrading your current setup? Call us now on 07 3282 4599 or drop in to see us at Cnr Parrot St and Briggs Road Ipswich. We can supply and fit you a system or we can repair your current chlorinator.

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Sizzling Summer Pump Specials

Sizzling hot weather means you need pumps to provide cooling nourishing water!

White pump Sale Brochure

Upgrade or replace your pump now! Check out some really cool specials from DAB Pumps and Bianco Pumps. These are quality Italian made pumps with Bonus 6 year warranty on selected models.

Call in at Parrot St Ipswich or call us on 07 3282 4599 to ask us about these pumps.

Reduce Pool Costs

Ever got the advice to fill in your pool because of high running costs?

You can keep your pool but reduce pool costs by installing an Eco Pump and save up to 70% of your running costs. Check out this video now!

Davey’s ProMaster® Variable Speed pool pump offers water-cooled, super-quiet operation with high efficiency, making it the ideal choice for today’s swimming pools. The energy efficient 8 Star energy rating offers up to 70% lower energy use than a traditional fixed speed 1hp pump.  

This is the little brother to the NEW VSD400 – available NOW

Davey Swimming Pool Pump

Reduce Pool Costs

The purchase price of the pool pump will soon be surpassed by the running costs. An average fixed speed pump running 6 hours per day will cost close on $700 per year in electricity. A similar sized Eco pump running 10 hours per day will only use about $200 per year in electricity. (Based on running on a low setting)

Talk to us about saving money on pool running costs. We also have a large range of other Pumps, Chlorinators, Filters and Automatic Pool Cleaners available. And we Service and Repair Pool Equipment.

Call us on 07 3282 4599 or visit us now at Parrott St and Briggs Road Ipswich.