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Farm Irrigation Equipment to Suit Your Requirements. 

Our expertise ranges from small to medium size projects.

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Valve Boxes

HR Valve Boxes fro farm irrigation

HR Products commercial valve boxes, rectangular and round used in direct buriel to house solenoid valves, all isolation valves
and submersible pump covers for farm irrigation systems.

  • Lid secured to body with stainless steel bolt
  • Stainless nut contained within the body
  • Lids have underneath ribs for extra strength

ValveBoxes Brochure

Komet and Monsoon Sprays

Used in farm irrigation for travelling irrigators, open field watering and industrial dust suppression.

  • Dynamic intermittent jet-breaker allows for finer irrigation droplets on sensitive crops
  • Automatic speed of rotation control self adjusts to system pressure, allows steady speed over entire nozzle-pressure range essential for uniform water application
  • No ball bearings – maintenance free
  • Slow reverse reduces vibration allows reel hose irrigators to track straight and prevent tip over.
  • Diffused start up prevents large single jet of water preventing furrows and run-off.
  • Bearing assembly and all moving parts are sealed against water and designed for use without ball bearings

Komet 160 Spray Brochure

Komet Monsoon Sprays for farm irrigation

Mini and Micro Jet Sprinklers

microjet for farm irrigation

Micro and Mini Jet Sprinklers for Farm Irrigation of Trees 

Eindor Mini Jet Sprinkler Brochure

• Low rates down to 20 l/h
• Anti Insect protection, swivel shuts down when system is off sealing the nozzle • Can be supplied with removeable jet converter
• Jet converter provides large droplet size spread evenly on small diameter
• Jet converter can be removed as tree grows
• Uniform distribution
• Large droplet size helps minimize wind drift
• Single jet swivel provides strong propulsion in harsh conditions

Micro Sprinklers For Recycled Water Brochure

Hunter Drippers Catalogue

Pop Up Sprinklers

Looking to hide your sprinklers in your lawn area, pop-up sprinklers are the way to go.  Ranging from 50mm through to 150mm in pop-up height and a huge range of distance and flows, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

Hunter Popup Sprinkler Brochure


pop up sprinklers fro farm irrigation and parks and lawns

Inline Filters

Inline Filters for farm irrigation

Screen, Disc and Media Filters in a large range of volumes.

The pictured filter is suitable for filtration of sand and inorganic particles on drip, micro jets and sprinklers.
Available with either a screen or disc filtration system.
Complete glass reinforced polypropylene construction makes the filter durable to time, solar radiation and chemicals.

HR InLine Filter Brochure

K Line Irrigation Pods

K-Line Pod Farm Irrigation system utilises the irrigation specialisation of RX Plastics NZ to create a unique patented pipe and pod irrigation system designed for pasture irrigation.

The unique K-Line patented pod design ensures that the system can be transported using simple farm machinery and allows a low-cost alternative to traditional irrigation systems, such as pivot. The modular design ensures that with minimal training the system can be up and running in no time and has the ability to grow as your irrigation needs expand. Created to operate on low pressure means that running costs are reduced and it can be transported around existing farm structures.