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Sizzling Summer Pump Specials

Sizzling hot weather means you need pumps to provide cooling nourishing water!

White pump Sale Brochure

Upgrade or replace your pump now! Check out some really cool specials from DAB Pumps and Bianco Pumps. These are quality Italian made pumps with Bonus 6 year warranty on selected models.

Call in at Parrot St Ipswich or call us on 07 3282 4599 to ask us about these pumps.

my pump wont Work. What Do I Do?

At some stage we are going to have some problems with our household pump. If you notice it noisy or leaking, you should bring it in to us for a service which could include replacing bearings when they get noisy (left too long you could seize the motor which could be terminal) or replacing seals. We will also check the capacitor. Bearing, seals and capacitors will wear out in time and regular servicing will make sure there is no problem.

However, there may be other problems as well from time to time.


If your pump has a pressure tank like this Davey XP350, then check the list.

Davey Pump with pressure tank

pressure tank troubleshooting

Mant pumps these days have a Presscontrol , automatic controller on top like this Wilo Pump. 

Wilo Tank Pump

Presscontrol pump problem

If you can’t solve your problem yourself, Call DJ’s Now! Phone 07 3282 4599.

We have expert help for you. Either bring your pump in to us or call us to arrange a service call by one of our highly experienced technicians. 

And if the pump is terminal, we can help you select  a new pump to best suit your needs

Save On Water Costs

Facts on Water Costs


State bulk water charge + Water usage charge in Qld is $3.50 per 1000 Litres.

One tap using 10 litres/min would take 1.4 Hours to pump 1000 Litres.

Max charge for electricity is 25c/KW Hour. So to pump 1000L of water would cost Max of 35 cents. This is a saving of $3.15 per 1000 Litres used. Even less if you have SOLAR. Also fit an ECO PUMP & reduce power consumption even more.

Average home uses around 40,000 Litres per quarter. Most homes on tank & mains only have the tank connected to laundry, toilet & one outside tap which accounts for more than half of water used.

That is an average of $63 per Quarter saved. $250 per year.

Put the whole house on tank water & save more. Yes there is the ongoing   cost of filters & maintenance.

 Filters take the nasties out of the water, and for those against the extras the   water board puts into our water. There is none, if the proper filtration is fitted.

Remember, during the drought of a few years ago. The Government encouraged us all to put in water tanks & pumps to save a precious resource. Even made it compulsory to fit a tank to a new home. Once the drought was over the government changed its mind.

Could it have something to do with the $3.50 per kl we have to pay to the government. A great money earner for them. We like to think that we are saving a precious resource & we will be prepared the next time the dams run low in water. It’s only a question of when this will happen, not if.