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Three Phase Electric Motors for all applications.

We know motors inside out and can specify motors for you.

  • Smoke-Spill applications
  • Airstream motors for axial fans
  • Cooling tower motors
  • Mining specification motors
  • Brake motors
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Chemical processing
  • Petrochemical
  • Pump Applications
  • Gearbox Applications

Three Phase Electric Motor Control Gear

Service and Repairs toThree Phase Electric Motors

Direct Coupled Motors or Couplings, Pulleys, and Belts

WEG three phase motor
WEG W21 Three Phase Motor

WEG is one of the leaders in Quality Industrial Electric Motors and Controls.

A wide range is available with the General Purpose Three Phase Motors being available in with Cast Iron or Aluminium frames.


WEG Low Voltage Motors Brochure

TECO Three Phase Electric Motors are one of the industry standard brands. Noted for high quality and robust construction. They are available in aluminium and cast iron construction.

TECO MAX-E2 Motor Catalogue

Monarch 3-Ph Motor Catalogue

Three Phase Electric Motor Teco

Three Phase Electric Motor Techtop
Techtop Three Phase Electric Motor

TECHTOP Three Phase Electric Motors are a relatively new brand in Australia but are widely known around the world. They are quality electric motors available for almost all applications. Motors are available in Cast Iron or Aluminium construction.

Techtop Motor Catalogue


CMG (Regal Beloit) Three Phase electric Motors are one of the industry leading brands in Australia.

CMG have a full range of motors for most applications.

Regal CMG HGA 3 Phase Catalogue

Three Phase Electric Motor CMG

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