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Worm Drive Gear-boxes

  • 9 Sizes
  • 0.09 to 15kW
  • Ratios 5 to 4800:1
  • Standard IEC electric motor fitment B5 or B14
  • Worm & helical worm combination units
  • Single piece alloy steel input
  • Shaft and worm shaft
  • Oversized bearings
  • High temp nitrile® seals
  • General purpose medium and fractional power drives

Inline Gear-Boxes

Marathon inline coaxial gearboxes offer a wide range of options in gearing ratios, output shaft configuration, output flange options and include the special feature of being able to fit to multi-brand foot designs.

Marathon Gearboxes special feet options provide the designers and end users to rationalise and standardise their gearbox brands and designs. One gearbox to replace multiple brands.

Inline Coaxial gearboxes are designed utilising hardened and ground gears throughout the range to ensure quiet operation and precise operation.

Available in single, double and triple reduction, kW power range between 0.09kW to 45kW and a torque range up to 4600Nm. Gear housings are manufactured in either single piece diecast aluminium or cast iron and are supplied with standard IEC motor fitment ensuring easy and efficient changing of electric motors.

Shaft Couplings

  • Industry’s standard shaft coupling
  • Accommodates for angular and parallel shaft misalignment
  • Fail-safe (will still perform if elastomeric “spider” fails)
  • No metal to metal contact
  • Resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture, and grease
  • Industry’s largest available

Belts and Pulleys.

  • V Belts
  • Wide Range of Sections and Sizes Available
  • Timing Belts
  • AluminiumPulleys
  • Steel Taper Lock Pulleys