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A frog in the throat?

Collette turned up at DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre one morning last week. In her hands was a Grundfos pump used for pumping from the household tank to the toilets and laundry.

It was a multistage pump, which meant it provided really good pressure for the house, and being Grundfos, it was very good quality! But it wasn’t pumping water for the toilets or laundry as it had been. That was a problem. She came because we are really good with service and repairs and can fix pump problems.

Because it was for household water supply it went straight to the top of the list for resurrection.

Michael, one of our in-house service techs tested it and pulled it down. And that’s where he found the problem. A frog was stuck in the impeller, and unfortunately for the frog it was deceased. Not so the pump! With a little of DJ’s magic, the remains of the frog were removed. The rest of the pump was thoroughly checked and tested, and Michael replaced a seal which was showing signs of wear. All done before lunch time.

In discussions with Collette, we also supplied some new suction hose and fittings to make the installation a lot better.

Result? Happy Collette; she had a fully functioning quality pump back in operation to flush and wash with abandon. Satisfied DJ’s; we were able to make another customer very happy with our service and care!

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