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Solar Pump Project

When Justin needed help with his irrigation project, he knew that DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre would be able to help – DJ’s had provided great service on previous jobs.


The problem was to pump from a dam with a pipe run of almost a kilometer and 130 meters of static head height. That’s a lot of friction loss to overcome! And still the need for some water at the end. The water was to irrigate five sectors of fruit groves and fill several tanks.




The solution was to install a solar pump (because of distance from power and the for long-term economy). Because of the total head required (including distance and physical height) we chose to use a submersible borehole pump in a shroud and mount it under a float. This solution was the most economical, providing high pressure and good flow. The products used were  a Bianco Solar array consisting of 10 x 315 watt panels and a DAB S4C39SOL solar borehole pump with a 200m head and a max flow of 70 lpm.


Other equipment needed for the job included the Icon Solar Controller, pressure switches and float valves for the tank filling. We also supplied backup units including a Westinghouse 8.5kva generator and an Onga Blaze firefighter pump for transfer from one dam to the other.

Despite the challenges of installing the pump using existing lines in poor condition and the nature of the terrain, the installation ticked all the boxes that Justins had requested. He now has a reliable source of water with negligible running costs due to the solar power to irrigate the existing, and yet to be planted, fruit trees.

If you need a solution to your pumping problem, call DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre. We can help! We have the expertise.