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Is Your Drinking Water Clean?

Why your water may not be clean.

Recent weather events have seen strong winds and heavy rain. With all this activity, water sources can become contaminated with unwanted debris.  Debris from these weather events include, leaves, dirt, bugs, and bacteria. If you have a water tank that has run off from a roof this is especially true. Having the roof run off may fill your tanks however your roof may be visited by birds and other animals, leaving behind unwanted gifts and guests.  When it comes to safe clean water, is the water in your home really as clean as you thought.


Undersink water filter


Water filters improve the quality of drinking water, a concern for everyone. Whether it be dealing with bad taste, chemicals, sediment or any other condition you want to remove from your water, DJ’s Electric Motor and Pump Centre can help you.

DJ’s are a Puretec Platinum Master Dealers. What this means is that we have access to the best products at very good prices to solve your water filtration or purification needs. 

If your needing a whole new system, maintenance or just some advice on our range, our friendly staff are ready to help.

Send us and email, give us a call or visit our showroom.

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Water Filtration Project 

Previously QR Ipswich requested a mobile filtration system for their services. Taking on the opportunity to build a system in-store that runs off a 12/24V battery and can go anywhere they need it to. Thank you QR Ipswich for giving us the opportunity in helping you achieve clean water where ever you need it.



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